Monday, 8 November 2010

things I got @ the Nec

pc is very slow.
penny black slapstick stamps.. 2 for £7.95
penny black wooden stamps... they've usually got loats of bargains.. but as it was sunday, i suspect they were allready eaten up by the time i got there. i love the bargain bucket, so go back about 5 times, i saw the girl and sleigh go in the box, i was like a mad woman lol excuse me!!

ink for stamping. also some lily of the valley stamps... omg they are all so sweet. but i can't start buying lots of them. i've preordered as they sold out but some christmas mesages that they are going to post out to me.
glamour dust and lots of ribbons and charms
box maker for my new cards.
lip trays for my really usefull boxes, celo bags and some more ez mount.
wow, not sure if i missed any

next big one is ally pally.... so going to find out what day thats on...


Bev said...

Hi manada,

Jsut to let you know I have sorted the candy out, it will close tomorrow evening

Yenni Natalia said... always be able to get a good bargain! is it always sale there :) ?