Sunday, 27 February 2011

hanglar stanglar

with all that has been going on i missed these on ebay... so just listed lots of crafting bits on ebay as its free listing... 30 items ive just listed.. knackereed now.
just surfing and been checking all day to see if hanglar have relisted the stamps and nothing was there... went onto there site and clicked ebay.. woo hooo 9.15pm they relisted so had to purchase set 26 can't wait... not sure if i should get set 27as well..
cant wait for them to arrive...

been trying..... this is a long running thing of tidying my craft shed... would be nice to share my pictures of my crafting area... but i just can't tidy it.. i might need soem more storage /)

better tidy up the mess i have made with the ebay listings.. day off tomorrow. and have commishioned cards to complete..
take care

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